Lions Mane (SATIVA) – Lemonnade Weed 3.5G


Strain Type SATIVA
THC   45%
Quantity    3.5G


Lions Mane Berner’s Cookies Premium Cannabis 3.5G

Lions Mane Cookies weed, is famous for its potency. The strain comes from a powerful combination of Gelato and Zkittlez, two popular strains that taste great together. The result is a perfectly balanced, 50/50 indica-sativa hybrid with potent effects. Lions Mane strain THC percentage can be as high as 24%. If you want a tasty, intense, long-lasting high, The Soapis the strain for you.

Do you like ice cream? Then you’ll love the Lions Mane strain. This rare strain hails from the Bay Area. It’s a sweet, fruity, and creamy strain known for its powerfully creative head high. This is the perfect strain for spending a long afternoon crafting or hanging out with friends, combined with a relaxing body buzz.

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Also, Lemonnade – Lychee (SATIVA) – Berner Cookies Premium Grade Weed 3.5G. The Lions Mane weed strain is also a perfect choice for unwinding on a long weekend. It can even help when it comes to finding relief from symptoms of anxiety and depressions. The incredibly relaxing body buzz is also good at reducing muscle tension and chronic stress. Lions Mane is a jack-of-all-trade strain that has something for everyone.

Just because Lions Mane is a long-lasting experience doesn’t mean that you need to wait for it to kick in. You’ll notice the head high from Lions Mane taking over in just minutes. The headrush kicks in with a sense of euphoric, giggly happiness, and peace. The creative thoughts this strain generates are uplifting and free from anxiety. This makes Lions Mane weed popular among artists and other creative types.

Berners Cookies Lions Mane kush strain Effects

The body buzz only adds to this effect. It won’t make you jittery or hyper; instead, you’ll be content to sit down and work on that project you want to complete. The pleasant tingling effect starts in the spine, quickly moving through the rest of the body, giving you a boost that won’t distract you. You may notice some munchies, as well, so have snacks nearby.

ORIGIN Gelato, Zkittlez
EFFECTS Euphoric
Dry eyes
FRAGRANCE creamy sweet, fruity
FLAVORS tropical fruit, sweet cream



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