Lions Mane (SATIVA) – Lemonnade Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type SATIVA
THC   45%
Quantity    3.5G

Lions Mane Lemonnade Weed  3.5G

Lions Mane Lemonnade weed is a hybrid cannabis strain with an unknown genetic background, is known to induce a pleasant and euphoric head high, with a subtle relaxation effect. Its name is derived from the Fungi species, and its cerebral stimulation has been highly praised by creative individuals seeking a well-balanced daytime strain. Many consumers have reported Lions Mane’s ability to ease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Also, Lemonnade – Lychee and Lemon Cherry Gushers Backpack boyz.

Lions Mane is a stimulating strain that may lead to a slight sedative effect and a strong urge to snack. Remember to keep some snacks close by while using this strain. The primary terpenes found in Lions Mane are Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, and Beta-Myrcene, with an average THC content of about 23%.

Lemonnade Weed Lions Mane strain Effects

The hybrid cannabis strain, Lions Mane, is renowned for its distinctive scent and taste. It emits a tangy citrus and piney fragrance that blends seamlessly with a sweet, berry-like flavor. Those who have tried Lions Mane have also reported a refreshing minty and piney aftertaste. Also, you should see the various Lemonnade cannabis strains available.

However, Its tightly packed spade-shaped buds are covered in vivid orange pistils and a layer of golden trichomes, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The buds come in different shades of forest green, hiding beneath the resinous layer of trichomes. Overall, Lions Mane is a hybrid cannabis strain that appeals to the senses, with its vibrant flavor profile and delightful aroma.


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