Mac & Chief (INDICA) | Big Chief Weed | 3.5G


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   27.59%
Quantity    3.5G

Mac & Chief Big Chief Weed 3.5G Cannabis

Mac & Chief’s Big Chief weed, also called “Miracle Alien Cookies,” is an even combination of indica and sativa strains that was created by crossbreeding the well-known Alien Cookies with Colombian and Starfighter strains. If you are a fan of hybrids and crave an intensely rich flavor and high, then Mac & Chief is the perfect choice for you. The strain delivers a powerful and fast-acting impact that will leave you feeling completely content with the world around you in a matter of moments.

However, The experience begins with a sudden rush of intense sensations that imbue your mind with a delightful sense of creativity and sheer bliss. Accompanying this is a profound feeling of relaxation that suffuses your entire being, leaving you completely serene both mentally and physically, devoid of any worries or discomfort. Also, Uzumaki Big Chief Weed and Himmothy – The Smoker’s Club Teds Budz.

Big Chief Mac & Chief kush strain Flavor

With a THC level that averages between 14-20% and a range of therapeutic effects, Mac & Chief is known to provide relief to those suffering from a variety of conditions including insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, and mood swings.

Nevertheless, this strain offers a flavor profile of sour citrus with an earthy, spicy undertone that transforms into a sweet taste upon exhale. The fragrance is a combination of pungent diesel and earthy herbs with a sour overtone that fills the air with its potent aroma. The strain’s grape-shaped nugs are coated with a thick layer of tiny white crystal trichomes and orange hairs, creating a minty green appearance with a sticky texture.


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