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Berner’s Cookies Brand

Flavor: Mac N Cookies

Weight: 3.5 Grams

Strain Type:


Mac N Berner Cookies Strain Flower 3.5G

Mac N Berner Cookies Strain, a strong indica base and a subtle sativa influence, Mac and Cheese flourishes into a compact, robust bush in an indoor garden. Its buds become dense and tightly packed, allowing for a moderate to high yield.

The flowering period lasts approximately 60 days, making it a reliable choice for commercial production. Many dispensaries have already taken notice of Mac and Cheese’s qualities, adding it to their product offerings.

If you’re seeking a departure from the popular strains dominating the market, Mac and Cheese may be just the ticket.

Buy Berner Cookies Mac N Weed review

Indulging in a steaming serving of Mac and Cheese can truly hit the spot, and the Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) hybrid by Capulator only enhances the experience with its funky flavor profile.

A blend of the successful MAC strain and a potent cheese cross called Alien Cheese, this hybrid offers a unique medley of tastes and effects that culminate in a truly sensational strain. Also, we have Apples & Bananas (INDICA)  Berner Cookies Weed 3.5G and Alien Mints Alien Labs Disposable.

Mac and Cheese is notorious for its powerful effects, making it perfect for days when relaxation is a top priority. However, this strain’s potency can make socializing difficult and concentrating on tasks a challenge.

Berner Cookies Mac N Cannabis strain Effects

For those seeking a classic indica high, Mac and Cheese is a great option. Its unique flavor adds a refreshing twist to the usual choices, making it a popular pick. This strain is widely available at reputable seed dealers and select dispensaries offer flower and concentrates.

So, grab a bowl, settle in front of your favorite show, and take a break with Mac and Cheese. Upon initial examination, the bud appears to be entirely enveloped in sizable, rounded trichomes that resemble sparkling sugar crystals when the bud is broken apart. Beyond this snowy exterior, lies a backdrop of rich greens and sporadic hints of purples, as is typical of indica strains. Dive into the world of Berner’s Cookies strains offered at Potsnbuds.

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