Machine Gun Cherry (Sativa) | HotBox Weed (3.5g | 1/8th) Indoor Flower


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   48.59%
Quantity    3.5G

Machine Gun Cherry Hotbox Weed 3.5G

Machine Gun Cherry Hotbox weed, a sativa dominant hybrid strain, is created by combining Pure Haze, Skunk, G-13, and AK Confidential strains. It boasts an impressive average THC level of 22% and has a distinct flavor profile. Machine Gun Cherry packs a strong punch, making it an essential addition to your cannabis collection.

Nevertheless, The taste of Machine Gun is renowned and timeless, characterized by a rich and concentrated herbal flavor that culminates in a tangy lemon aftertaste. This distinctive taste lingers on the palate for hours, leaving a lasting impression with its pungent aroma. Also, Mr. Manhattan HotBox  and Gelato 33 Backpack boyz


Hotbox Flowers Machine Gun Cherry strain Aroma

Machine Gun Cherry has a mellower aroma with a spicy skunky undertone that is further enhanced by sweet lemon and subtle spices. Its high is equally intense, lasting for hours and hitting like a freight train. The initial effect is immediate, bringing on an uplifted and slightly stoney cerebral rush.
However, this is soon followed by a numbing body high that leaves you feeling relaxed and lazy. With an average THC level of 22%, Machine Gun is ideal for treating various ailments including mood swings, depression, chronic pain, and muscle spasms or cramps. The buds are chunky and bright neon green, adorned with sparse long twisty amber hairs and oversized chunky white crystal trichomes.


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