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Mag Landrace Verano Strain Essence is a strain of Iranian landrace, cultivated in Illinois, known for its dense flower that displays speckles of vivid purple and orange. This indica-dominant strain has a distinct aroma of earthy spice and diesel that may help mitigate pain, anxiety, and restlessness by delivering calming effects that relax the body. Mag Landrace exhibits a flavor profile that is citrusy, diesel-like, earthy, and spicy, featuring hints of woody, lemon, and pepper notes.

Effects of Mag Landrace Strain

However, Mag Landrace, boasting an Indica THC range of 12.5-28.5%, is believed to have originated in Iran as a landrace cultivar. Currently, the Illinois-based Ataraxia cultivators clone the majority of Mag Landrace versions.  Boasting of the aromas of earth, herbs, and spices, the Mag Landrace strain has notes of wood and spices with an herbal twist in taste. Well if you like this strain check these out Mimosa Verano Strain and Hollywood & Chai Turn Disposable.
Mag Landrace Verano Strain


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