Magia (INDICA) | Backpack boyz Weed | 3.5G Cannabis


Strain Type   INDICA
THC   59%
Quantity    3.5G



Magia Backpack boyz Weed 3.5G Cannabis

Magia Backpack boyz known for its extremely potent effects, with an average THC level ranging from 25-28%. It induces a powerful high that can make the mind feel heavy and sluggish, similar to being filled with glue. The initial cerebral rush brings about feelings of happiness but also haziness, making it difficult to concentrate. As the head high intensifies, a deep body buzz takes over, resulting in a state of complete relaxation and immobility.

The more you consume, the heavier the indica effects become, and if you’re not careful, you can find yourself couch-locked or knocked out completely. You’re also at risk for experiencing headaches and dizziness. Larger amounts can also cause feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and concern, especially in novice smokers and those with a lower tolerance to THC.

Buy Magia Backpack boyz Flavor

This bud has a super sour diesel chemical flavor that’s incredibly harsh and sticks to your tongue long after you finish toking. The aroma is even more powerful, with a slightly sweet sour mocha effect that’s accented by chemical diesel. Also, Meringue (Hybrid) | Backpack boyz Weed | 3.5G Cannabis

Magia strain Effects

However, highly rated for its long-lasting effects that can lead to a deep sleep, especially for those with less experience. It is highly regarded for its ability to treat various conditions including chronic pain, depression, insomnia, nausea, and muscle spasms.


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