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 Strain Type HYBRID
  Quantity   500mg

Kurvana Bar Mai Tai Badder Strain Review

Mai Tai Badder Kurvana Disposable Pen a hybrid strain bursting with tropical, earthy flavors. This concentrate is part of Kurvana’s CARBON21 line, meticulously crafted in small batches to preserve the complex profile of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes found in the live plant.

A cross of Maui Waui and Tutti Frutti strains, Mai Tai Badder offers a decadent vaping experience that transports you to the islands with each inhale. This hybrid strain unleashes heavy waves of relaxing creativity that can be enjoyed with most 510 thread batteries. Escape to a tropical paradise with Kurvana’s Mai Tai Badder, no plane ticket necessary!

Mai Tai Badder Kurvana Disposable Vape

Kurvana’s Mai Tai Badder cartridge is composed solely of raw cannabis concentrate without any added ingredients. This hybrid vape pen’s highly expressive lineage allows it to deliver exceptional flavor and effects. After consuming this strain, anticipate waves of euphoria followed by deep relaxation. Also, you want to choose from the list of Kurvana Disposable Vapes.

In social settings, the Mai Tai Badder may also inspire conversation, spark creative ideas, and uplift your mood. Its potency notwithstanding, it is considered a balanced strain that can be enjoyed during the day or at night. For those who use it medicinally, it is often an excellent option for easing symptoms of depression and chronic pain and has been said to have anti-inflammatory effects.
Kurvana’s Mai Tai Badder vape boasts a total cannabinoid content of 85.05%, with THC comprising 77.05%. Also, G.S. Cookies Kurvana Disposable & Sweet Pink Rove Cart


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