Mamba Mints (INDICA) – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5g


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   50%
Quantity    3.5G

Buy Mamba Mints Green Dragon Cannabis Strain 3.5G

Mamba Mints Green Dragon weed boasts a distinct and uncommon indica strain. With hints of delectable creamy flavors such as white cake frosting, lemon meringue, and key lime pie, it is fused with a sweet mint essence. As you exhale the smoke, the smooth and creamy texture lingers on the tongue. Despite its potent indica effects, the cerebral properties of the Mamba are apparent, inducing a state of alert relaxation. Ideal for leisurely activities like movie-watching or catching a game, this strain is a delightful treat for all weed enthusiasts.

The growers closely guard the genetic makeup of Mamba Mints, yet it undoubtedly links to other potent Indica strains given its intense impact. This particular strain is ideal for unwinding post-meal and alleviating stress. Also like,  Malverde’s Revenge Green Dragon Weed and Grand National Chronicles Teds Budz.

Green Dragons Mamba Mints strain Effects

The Mamba Mints Strain initiates a euphoric mind sensation before inducing profound physical relaxation, along with a strong craving for food. Simultaneously, it induces a tranquil state, often keeping individuals seated for at least an hour or two. With an impressive potency of over 30%, Mamba Mints is not recommended for beginners.

Experienced smokers understand the need to be cautious with this powerful strain. For herb enthusiasts, the predictable responses associated with smoking marijuana, from dry eyes and throat to an insatiable desire for snacks, are generally manageable and widely acknowledged in the world of cannabis.


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