Mango Kush (Indica) | Cake Disposable Vape Bars 1G


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Plant type   INDICA
THC   87.92%
CBD   0.63%
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Mango Kush Cake Carts She Hits Different Review

Mango Kush cake disposable She Hits Different is an expertly crafted Indica strain that will tantalize you with its aroma and flavor. This pleasant hybrid is great for socializing with friends. Offering a cheerful energy that is sure to be the life of the party.
The exact origins of this Indica remain a mystery, but it is likely a cross between Hindu Kush and Mango Indica. True to its Kush heritage, it has a powerful scent and is known to produce contagious laughter. Additionally, this heavenly-scented strain is perfect for nights in with friends or family, providing a gentle high that leaves you feeling euphoric and relaxed.

THC % of the Cake Disposable Mango Kush Flavor

THC levels typically stay moderate, but that doesn’t make this Kush any less potent. This hybrid highly recommends itself as a medical cannabis strain. It acts as an excellent tranquilizer, making you feel light, happy, and free from aches and worries. Choose a Cake Weed Pens flavor that suits you.

Taste & Aroma of the Mango Kush Cake Bar

This strain exudes an aroma reminiscent of tropical fruits like mangos and bananas. Also, its taste blends mango and Kush notes with a subtle pine hint. It boasts a THC content of up to 16% and a CBD level of 0.3%, making it unsuitable for treating seizure disorders. Nevertheless, it proves effective in alleviating nausea, vomiting, pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, and depression.

Appearance of Mango Kush Strain

This strain provides the perfect evening release you may be looking for at the end of a day. More so, Mango Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that can have a very light and happy effect on users, making you feel smiley and giggly and just ready for a nice and pleasant time.

Appearance of Mango Kush Strain
Appearance of Mango Kush Strain

Cake Mango Kush Disposable Cartridge Effects

This hybrid’s sweet mango flavor makes for a uniquely lush high. Mango Kush carries a sweet pine flavor that is obvious in its smoke. However, This delicious bud will make your lips taste like tropical fruits, and has a sweet earthy aftertaste to it that will enhance its pleasant high. Free tip, you might want to combine this strain with either of these Cake disposable Angel Cake Bar and Muha Meds Disposable Vapes.

At the end of the day, Mango Kush offers an ideal evening experience, creating a cheerful and jovial effect, setting the perfect tone for a great evening. When you smoke this strain, you’ll feel relaxed and euphoric. You may experience a brief couch lock, but it typically fades within an hour. In summary, if you’re looking to unwind and relax, Mango Kush is the perfect strain.


1 Single Bar, 1 Box (5 Stacks), 10 Boxes


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