Mango Kush

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Flavor: Herbal, citrus, flowers
Effects: Relaxation, happiness, euphoria, appetite boost
Activities: Recreation, socializing
Medical Conditions: Stress, depression, mood swings, pain, headaches, muscle spasms, arthritis, inflammation, fatigue


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Mango Kush for sale at Pots & Buds, a short plant, standing less than thirty inches tall.  Mango kush sales mostly for thier dried buds and typical appearance.  The cured bud is compact and bouncy when you press on it.  You can see the dark green and light green of the kush through the screen of frosty trichomes on the plant.  Also, orange hairs dot the plant, advertising its health and lack of being tampered with.

  • The Mango Kush strain for sale with its smell as its selling point.
  • Its smells of mango and it’s easy on the inhale and exhale.
  • You will have a smooth smoke without too much coughing and it will smell like you are also whipping up a tropical salad or ambrosia.
  • There are also hints of earthiness, the Hindu Kush valley with mountain, stream, rock, and nature.
  • You can smell the pine from the chlorophyll of the healthy plant.  It gives one a meditative effect.
  • For sale and available at Pots & Buds.

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1 review for Mango Kush

  1. Lucymaniac (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased this strain several times. Brings on a relaxed euphoria. It erases anxiety and replaces it with bliss. It’s not a complete knockout although it is sedating. You can still function but you’re definitely going in slow mo…and that’s fine because you feel fantastic, More and More

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