Maui Wowie (SATIVA) | Litto Disposable 1G THC Vape Bar


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 Strain Type SATIVA
  THC   89.72%
  Quantity   1 Gram

Litto Disposable Maui Wowie 1G Strain Flavor Effects

Maui Wowie Litto Disposable is an 80% sativa dominant hybrid that was a highly sought-after strain in the 1960s. Prior to its development, the argument that marijuana was not as potent as it is today was commonly heard. Maui Waui was among the first strains with significantly higher THC content. During the 60s, the average THC content in most strains was under 8%. In contrast, Maui Waui boasted THC levels in the teens and quickly gained popularity as one of the most desirable strains.

Maui Waui is known to induce an energetic and creative high, but it may also cause cottonmouth. It is frequently used to relieve depression, pain, and loss of appetite. It is a hybrid strain that provides typical sativa effects along with some indica characteristics. Though there are new strains with higher THC content, Maui Waui still remains a middle to high-grade medication.

Maui Wowie Litto Disposable Weed Strain Vape Bars Review

The exact genetics of Maui Waui remain unknown. However, its buds are recognizable by their greenish-purple color, white trichomes, and orange hairs. They are known for their pleasant tropical and fruity aroma and a pineapple-like flavor with a sour bite on the exhale.

Customers also considered these products Gushers Litto Disposable and Fruity Pebbles Jeeter Disposable Carts. Overall, Maui Waui is a highly prized strain with a unique flavor and aroma that has become a staple among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

Users may experience dry eyes and mouth and paranoia, while larger doses or edibles may cause dizziness and headaches. Nevertheless, Maui Waui’s sativa effects make it useful for alleviating stress, anxiety, and chronic depression, while its indica side can relieve minor aches and pains. It can also stimulate appetite in individuals with anorexia and other eating disorders. Moreover, Maui Waui is used as medication for chronic migraines.
When grown, Maui Waui plants reach around 175 centimeters and display their tropical heritage in their height. It is best suited to tropical climates, where it shows resistance to molds, mildew, and disease. Here’s where you’ll find all Litto disposables flavors.


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