Bloom Live Surf All-In-One 500mg | Melonade (Hybrid)


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Strain Type   Hybrid
THC   92.73%
Quantity    500mg

Bloom Disposable Bars Live Resin Melonade Vape Pen Flavor Review

Melonade Bloom Disposable is an all-in-one hybrid strain that boasts all the desirable qualities one would expect from a professionally formulated strain. Those who delve deeper into the Melonade strain information will be left salivating. Despite its name, the Melonade strain’s appearance does not match the psychedelic, technicolor images that the name evokes.

The buds are a modest green hue, adorned with small yellow-orange pistils, and a layer of trichome crystals that gently tone down their color. Nevertheless, the Melonade strain should not be underestimated, as its flavor, aroma, and effects are all exceptional.

Boasting a delectable and flavorful terpene profile, the Melonade pot strain is a top choice for those seeking vibrant and tasty weed. Thanks to the presence of Limonene and Caryophyllene, Rainbow Belts’ taste is a major draw for consumers. However, this strain isn’t just about its delicious flavor and aroma. With a THC percentage ranging between 18-22%, its effects are heavenly without being too overpowering.

Melonade Bloom Disposable Live Surf Bar strain Bud Effects

This makes it an ideal choice for novice cannabis enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy the benefits of flavorful weed. Whether smoked, vaped, or ingested through edibles, Melonade offers a welcome respite from the overwhelming high of premier strains. Don’t miss out on these Blueberry Gushers Bloom Disposable and Chem Sis Rove Cartridge.

To maximize the yield of your Melonade cannabis strain, it is advisable to utilize pruning and trellising techniques, which are highly effective in minimizing size. The Melonade cannabis strain yield can be estimated at around 10-15 oz/plant when grown outdoors, while indoor yields are expected to be approximately 1-2 oz/ft2.

The strain known as Origin ZKittlez, Moonbow #75, is a plant hybrid consisting of an equal split between Indica and Sativa. Its THC content ranges from 18% to 22%, while CBD ranges from 0.46% to 0. Peek at our Bloom Disposables offerings.



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