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Melonade x Sherbacio Alien Labs Bar Review | All in One Vaping Stick

In this review, we will delve into the Melonade x Sherbacio Alien Labs Bar, an all-in-one vaping stick that combines two delicious and unique hybrid strains. Melonade, a 2018 Cannabis Cup winner, was bred by Midwest Best and popularized by Alienlabs. This award-winning strain emits a mouth-watering scent reminiscent of watermelon lemonade, while producing buds that are fuzzy with trichomes and orange pistils. Its dense, light green tones are further enhanced by a thick layer of trichomes, which it is renowned for.
Melonade is a heavy sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has been described by many as a mellow strain that is calming but not sedating. Some users describe it as a strain that helps remove mental clutter, allowing them to concentrate on a specific subject. In the body, users report feeling relaxed and relieved from tension while remaining alert.
Moving on to Sherbacio, this indica hybrid strain is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Gelato 41, with a sweet and heavy aroma that is similar to the scent of a citrusy and chocolatey ice cream shop. Sherbacio receives its name from its parent strain, Sunset Sherbet, as well as the gelato called Bacio, which is chocolate mixed with hazelnuts. The cured nuggets of Sherbacio are long and light green, with a dusting of trichomes that further lighten its tones.

Melonade x Sherbacio Alien Labs

Buy Alien Labs Live Resin vape Melonade x Sherbacio Flavor

When it comes to aroma, Melonade has earthy and citrus notes that give it a herbal, sweet, and spicy smell. Its flavor profile is equally tantalizing, with a sweet citrus taste that is reminiscent of melon fruit and sour lemon citrus. Many users have reported a slightly spicy aftertaste. In terms of appearance, Melonade boasts spade-shaped buds that are a burnt green color with crispy yellow highlights. The buds have loads of orange pistils and a thick coating of golden trichomes that make them appear fuzzy.
Sherbacio has a unique taste that differs from its scent. As you exhale, notes of chocolate and nuts become more prominent, overpowering the fruity aroma it typically carries. When taking a deeper inhale, the sweet and fruity gelato-like scent of Sherbacio becomes apparent, accompanied by a slight nuttiness, similar to hazelnuts. Many users have reported experiencing relief from body pain after using Sherbacio, while others have enjoyed its physical relaxation effects without any mental sedation. The strain’s sweet aroma and subtle nuttiness make it an excellent choice for those seeking a mellow experience. Customers also considered these products GMO x Gelato 41 Alien Labs and Delta 8 Cake Live Resin Disposable.

Melonade Sherbacio Cannabis Strains Effects

Melonade derives its mouth-watering terpene profile from crossing Watermelon Zkittles with Lemon Tree. It has a less pungent scent than either of its two parents. Making it a great choice for anyone looking for a strain with a more subtle aroma. Some consumers have reported that Melonade has a great uplifting effect on mood. Allowing one to shed negativity after a long and stressful day. Overall, it has received positive feedback from those who have tried it.

Sherbacio is an indica strain, and its THC levels tend to fluctuate. Therefore, it is important to check your batch’s level before creating a serving size for yourself. The cured nuggets of Sherbacio are long and light green with a dusting of trichomes that further lighten its tones.
The Melonade x Sherbacio Alien Labs carts is a delightful vaping option that expertly blends the distinct traits of two hybrid strains. With its delectable fragrance, flavor, and invigorating effects, Melonade pairs well with Sherbacio’s calming physical effects and distinctive aroma. For those seeking a mellow and calming experience while maintaining focus. The Melonade x Sherbacio Alien Labs Bar is an ideal choice. Try it out for a unique and delicious vaping experience.

Melonade x Sherbacio Alien Labs


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