Big Apple (INDICA) – Minntz Connected Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type INDICA
THC   38%
Quantity    3.5G

Big Apple Berner’s Cookies Premium Cannabis 3.5G

Big Apple Cookies weed is a delightful indica dominant hybrid that was formulated by combining Apple Fritter and Sherbet strains. For those who crave the taste of luscious apples, this strain offers an unmatched experience. The delectable Red Delicious apples’ sweet and sour flavor, enriched with a creamy and nutty twist, creates a truly exceptional smoking experience.

Renowned for its sedating properties and potent 20-23% average THC content, Big Apple is a popular choice for relieving chronic stress, ADD or ADHD, migraines, depression, and insomnia. The buds of this strain have a heart-shaped appearance with dark forest green coloration, abundant thin yellow-orange hairs, and a generous coating of frosty chunky white crystal trichomes. Also, Christmas Tree Berner Cookies and Banana Gelato Backpack boyz.


Berners Cookies Big Apple strain Aroma

The fragrance is quite similar, albeit with a distinct touch of succulent berries as well. The high induced by Big Apple is not as vivid as the taste, producing effects that commence with an invigorating kick before settling into a tranquil sedation. Almost instantaneously after exhaling, you’ll be engulfed by a rush of creative euphoria, accompanied by sharpened focus and motivation that facilitate the completion of any creative task with ease. As your mind reaches unprecedented heights, a gradual haziness will encompass your being, rendering you motionless on the couch while catapulting your mind into an unstructured state of bliss.


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