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Morning Dew Verano Strain, a hybrid strain named for its rejuvenating effects, makes a great pairing with your morning coffee. It combines the genetics of Grateful Dawg and Arise to help enhance focus, uplift your mood, and alleviate pain. Myrcene and pinene give the chunky buds a strong aroma of fuel and pine, making for a truly aromatic experience. This hybrid strain offers an uplifting effect, pain relief, and relaxation. It’s flavor profile features a blend of diesel, pine, and herbal notes.

Morning Dew Strain Effects Review

Firstly, With its dark olive flat nugs, long amber hairs, and a super thick coating of bright white crystal trichomes, Morning dew is aptly named. Secondly, It offers a classic flavor of sweet spices and earthy pine with a fresh lemongrass exhale that’s incredibly smooth. The aroma is sweet with a pine overtone accented by spicy earth and herbs. While it’s a perfect wake-and-bake strain, the psychedelic tendencies of the Morning dew high may overwhelm some users. Lastly, It delivers an immediate cerebral smash that induces wild imaginative visions and leaves you pain-free.

However, this heavy head effect may agitate the anxiety levels of some users. If you suffer from anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder, it’s best to avoid it. With an average THC level of 14-16%, Morning dew is perfect for treating chronic fatigue, migraines, eye pressure, and chronic stress.

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Morning Dew Verano Strain


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