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Gelato Muha Meds Cart is a live resin vape cart that delivers an otherworldly high, only to bring users back down in a positive manner. While Gelato wasn’t originally intended for medical cannabis users, it contains a notable amount of CBD, measuring at 1.2%.

Although this may not be as significant as strains containing 12% to 20% CBD. Furthermore, Gelato remains relatively high compared to other hybrids available. As a result, it possesses potent Indica qualities that promise to offer deep relaxation while also providing a gentle cerebral high. However, what truly sets Gelato apart is its incredible fruity scent that is hard for users to ignore. In meantime, We have more Muha Meds Cartridges flavors.

Gelato Muha Meds Cartridge Flavor

Gelato, with its impressive 18% THC content, takes users on a journey from the highest of highs to a gentle landing. While its psychoactive properties are undeniable, it can prove overwhelming for some.

For this reason, novice users are advised to exercise caution and resist the urge to indulge in its enticing aroma and flavor. Its initial effects bring about a stimulating cerebral high, accompanied by a boost of energy to both the mind and body, same as Muha Meds Confidential LA Cartridge and Mochi Rove Cart

Muha Meds Vape Cart Gelato Strain Effects

Also, Users tend to have a clear head and sharper focus. Not only that, but Gelato also affects the behavior by inducing an uplifting sensation that leads to an overwhelming sense of happiness. Hence, it is not surprising to see people giggling or laughing.

THC 18%-25%
CBD 0.4% – 0.71%
Effects Euphoria
Flavors Sour citrus | Creamy | Vanilla

2 reviews for Gelato (Indica) | Muha Meds Live Resin Cartridge 1G

  1. Beth Corrian M. (verified owner)

    Gelato flavor is a must try for any THC/Vape /weed lover. Strangely enough, the high is potent in a cerebral sort of way with what i call “a clean energizing feeling.” you dont need much to feel the sativa buzzing.

  2. Denh Downtown (verified owner)

    Its not yet my best but its about to be sooon…GELATO, Thanks to potsnbuds for the services

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