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Ooh La La Cookies strain is made for those looking for a truly memorable experience, Ooh La La Cookies is the strain for you. This hybrid mix of Pink Panties x Rainbow Sherbet or Gelato and Zkittlez provides a euphoric and stimulating head high coupled with a gentle body sensation.

Its scent is a unique blend of spice cake and frosting while the flavor boasts sweet fruit cake and an herbal tea aftertaste. If you want an out-of-body feeling, look no further than Ooh La La!

Ooh La La is an ideal balance of indica and sativa, a cross between the scrumptious Wedding Cake and Lemon Poundcake strains. You won’t be able to keep her name out of your mouth for long; the high begins with a subtle sensation in your spine and at the back of your head that gradually amplifies as time passes.

Ooh La La Cookies strain

Berner’s Cookies Cannabis Ooh La La Effects Review

The effects of Sunshine may be powerful, but not disabling. Its THC levels can reach up to 16%, so one should be wary when consuming in excess, as the effects can be too overwhelming. Ooh La La’s THC potency is remarkable, ranging from 23-25%, and even up to 29% in certain cases.
This potency induces an invigorating body buzz, and has a wide range of medicinal uses, including treating nausea, stress, appetite loss, mood swings, and pain. Elevate your experience with our products sauce disposable carts and White Runtz Cookies Weed Strain.
Joey gives the Ooh La La strain a score of 9.25 out of 10, for its easy burning and pleasant taste of sweet pine with hints of citrus. It delivers a light, comfortable smoking experience comparable to one of a strain with 25% THC. Although there is room for more information on its genetics and terpene profile, its quality is clear and commended to Run The Jewels, Cookies, and Lemonnade, and recommended by Valley Pure.

Creative thoughts follow, helping to round out the uplifting and anxiety-free experience. Ooh La La shows its effects almost immediately, after just a couple of puffs. Your fingers may tingle after a few puffs of Ooh La La weed, and it’s best to enjoy this strain in the evenings. It’s perfect for getting cozy with your favorite creative activity or watching movies or television shows.


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