Oreoz (INDICA) | Flight Path Weed 3.5 Grams


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   34.87%
Quantity    3.5 Grams

Flight Path Premium Cannabis Oreoz  3.5G Strain Effects

Oreoz Flight Path Weed is the perfect strain to turn to if you are looking to alleviate stress, depression, or insomnia. It is also great for anyone looking to increase their appetite. This strain’s sweet flavors and aroma of chocolate and nuttiness will remind you of a childhood dessert with a few gummy worms on top, commonly known as “dirt”. The nuggets are dense with colors of neon green and purple, and the trichomes can even look pink when they shimmer in the light.

Oreoz will uplift and relax you, leaving you feeling happy and serene for hours on end. This strain will take away any racing, negative thoughts, dip them in the milk of not giving a flip, and feed your own childhood back to your brain. Oreoz’s calming effects will expand and cultivate feelings of calm, making everyone around you happier too.

When you hear the name Oreoz, you might immediately think of sweet, milk-dipped, crunchy-grooved chocolate cookies, but Oreoz is actually a cannabis strain that will blow your mind. This indica-dominant strain is a cross between Cookies N Cream and Secret Weapon, bred by 3rd Coast Genetics, and can test as high as 33% THC.

Oreoz Flight Path Flower Buds and Nugs Review

Inline with this strain is Animal Mints x Gelato Flight Path and Rove Cartridges Flavors. Overall, Oreoz is an absolute dream strain that will leave you feeling relaxed, euphoric, and hungry for more. It’s a cannabis strain that is sure to become any indica-lover’s new favorite.

This strain is perfect for low-key gatherings with friends who want to relax and destress, but we also recommend it for late-night users who are alone, especially if they suffer from chronic issues related to nausea or a loss of appetite. Oreoz is a dessert-flavored treatment for common gastrointestinal sickness and can help anyone lift their spirits (and appetite) back off the floor. Even insomniacs will want to take a bite to catch a bit of much-deserved shut-eye. Also, Don’t forget to view full list of Flight Path Weed Strains.
The combination of cerebral calm and physical lightness makes Oreoz a fan favorite. Users love the THC and growers love the resinous, trichome-soaked buds for making high-quality concentrates. Oreoz flowers in about 65 days and should be kept indoors for optimal growth. Even in the ground, Oreoz gives off a pleasantly earthy, gassy scent, and growers can expect to harvest 500-550 grams per plant.


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