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Buy Panda Breath Rythm Cannabis Flower  – 3.5g Premium Weed


Looking for premium weed? Panda Breath Rythm Cannabis Flower, available in 3.5g quantities, is your answer. This sativa-leaning strain, part of the Phat Panda branded line by Grow Op Farms, is a high-quality hybrid resulting from OG Chem and Berry Sour Cream crossing, delivering a potent head buzz and intricate flavors. With THC levels ranging from 15% to a robust 25%, it packs a punch.

Though visually unimpressive, Panda OG’s small, sativa-typical buds boast dark forest green hues with yellow to orange hairs and emit a sweet berry aroma. On closer inspection, they reveal a hint of ammonia from Chem OG and dank, Kushy notes when broken. Smoking might result in a harsh, cough-inducing acrid, sour tang with berry undertones.

Panda Breath Rythm Cannabis

Rythm Cannabis Panda Breath Strain Review


Beyond recreation, Panda OG offers medical benefits. It eases various aches, stimulates appetite, aids stress, depression, and enhances focus. Yet, caution is advised for low THC tolerance or panic-prone individuals due to potential jitters or racing thoughts.

Unfortunately, Grow Op Farms hasn’t released seeds for commercial sale, requiring growers to obtain clippings for genetically identical “clones.” Limited information on ideal cultivation exists, but it thrives indoors or outdoors, especially in warm, semi-humid climates. Expect a long flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks for tall growth during flowering.

In conclusion, Panda Breath Rythm Cannabis Flower offers a unique, complex experience for recreational and medical users alike. Its potent head buzz and intricate flavors make it a must-try for premium weed seekers.


Effects of Panda Breath Strain


Bred in Washington, Panda OG, a cross of OG Chem and Berry Sour Cream, presents popcorn-like nugs with a tangy berry scent. Increasing dosage can bring slight indica relaxation, suitable for both morning and evening use. Its energizing head high aids in focus and friendly conversations while maintaining clarity.

The high of Panda OG quickly intensifies, heightening senses and intensifying thoughts—ideal for creativity and problem-solving. As it progresses, a mild indica body high encourages relaxation. It’s perfect for activities combining physical coordination and mental acuity like video games, exercise, or intimate moments. Elevate your experience with these additions The Soap Verano Cannabis and Vice City Labs Premium DMT.


Panda Breath Rythm Cannabis


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