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Pave Cookies weed strain, The instant attraction to Pave Cookies weed is hard to deny. With its mesmerizing lime-green leaves and striking burnt orange pistils, its undertones of lavender create a gentle hue and its coating of crystal trichomes is as sticky as a warm honey glaze, radiating an amber glow. Bred by Jbeezy of Seed Junky Genetics, using Gellati and Kush Mints, Pave Cookies reached peak fame when added to Cookies Co’s catalogue. This indica-dominant hybrid carries Limonene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Linalool, and Myrcene, and carries a THC content of 20%, with up to 3% CBD.

Pave Strain has gained immense popularity amongst cannabis connoisseurs for its distinct combination of effects and flavour. This hybrid strain can be just the thing you need to de-stress after a tiring day, while also invigorating your creativity and enthusiasm to get physically active. This review explores the various aromas, flavours, effects and therapeutic benefits of Pave Strain, allowing you to determine whether it is the perfect choice for you.

Pave Cookies strain

Berner’s Cookies Cannabis Pave Strain Effects

Pave is an intense hybrid strain with a powerful THC level of up to 16%. Bred by Growing Passion, Pave was created by crossing The Original Pave. Experienced outdoor growers can expect a harvest of up to 18 oz/plant, while indoor growers will typically receive a yield of around 1 oz/ft2 (approximately 340 grams/m2). Despite this, inexperienced cultivators may see reduced results as information about Pave is still quite limited. Introducing excellence in every detail wedding cake big chief carts and Snow Montana Cookies Weed.

At a whopping 34%, this strain of THC was definitely memorable. After 8-9 pulls, you’ll feel the buzz and the ashes that burns with a blend of salt and pepper. The inhale is smooth and  feels your chest tightening. Myrcene and caryophyllene are the dominant terpenes and the high are both physical and mental components. The only downside is that the buds break apart too easily.

The THC levels of this strain fall in the range of 14% to 18% across various phenotypes of Pomelo. That means the hybrid’s THC levels are not so high that they put you in a state of couchlock. But neither is it too low to make you feel you wasted your money.


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