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Phone Home Rythm Cannabis Review | 3.5g Premium Sativa Dominant Flower


The Phone Home Rythm Cannabis offers a 3.5g premium Sativa dominant flower that promises to take your mind to an interstellar dreamland. With a THC content of 28.5%, this strain will leave you feeling blissful and euphoric, while forgetting your troubles. It is unclear if it was named after the idea of being lost or the famous line from E.T. But either way, it is the escape you need from a stressful relationship or an unfairly busy workweek.
This strain is an Indica-dominant variety, with a ratio of 70/30. And one of its phenotypes is Strawberry Banana. Which has earned it the nickname “Strawnanas”. Its initial burst of cerebral energy settles down into a more relaxed state of bliss. Which is common with this type of phenotypes. It is not surprising, given the strain’s respectable THC content. That it will not make you productive when you use it.
The plant itself is breathtakingly beautiful, something that even E.T. would find irresistible. Its bud is light and dark green at the base, speckled with vibrant purple. The pistils stand out in bursts of amber red, while the plant is covered in trichomes. The glands of the Phone Home strain are white, thick, and resinous. Making its mid-sized buds as sticky as can be. Growers love the ratio between crunchy and sappy. Also, they look forward to the high-tier flowers that pop up in the early winter months, particularly in dry mountain regions.
Phone Home Rythm Cannabis

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Using Phone Home can stimulate your creativity, but it also takes you on an extended journey of tranquility that will make you intensely relaxed. Those who suffer from PTSD or bipolar disorder may benefit from the mood-regulating effects of Phone Home. It also has a potent pain-killing and relaxant effect, which is great for people with chronic pain, convulsions, and neurological disorders.
Research suggests that Phone Home is even an anti-emetic, which means that it can help people treat IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcers, and other issues. Whether you are a casual user addicted to total relaxation or a sufferer in need of a medicinal boost, the Phone Home strain can provide multi-faceted relief from a variety of ailments, including physical and mental imbalances, as well as neurological problems.

Effects of Phone Home Weed Strain


The effects of this strain include euphoria, relaxation, and sleepiness, which make it ideal for anxiety, depression, and pain. When it comes to taste, Phone Home has a spicy fruit flavor and a musky scent, typical of well-grown pine. There are also hints of florals and a prevalent scent of strawberry and banana, which should not be surprising. Its zesty terpene profile includes Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and more, giving it the unmistakable hints of citrus, with an aftertaste of mango and lemongrass. If you like earthy floral aromas and want to inhale the essence of a great pine, Phone Home will work for you.
In conclusion, Phone Home is an outstanding strain with remarkable effects that make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to relax and forget their troubles. Its potency and terpene profile make it ideal for treating various ailments, while its beauty is unmatched. Overall, this strain is a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast or someone looking for relief from their physical and mental issues. For same effects try these Apple Cobbler Rythm Cannabis and Papaya Punch Solventless jetty carts.


Phone Home Rythm Cannabis


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