Pineapple Express (Hybrid) Pacific Gold Disposable Pen


Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   85%
Quantity    500mg



Pineapple Express Pacific Gold Disposable Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge

Pineapple Express Pacific Gold Disposable THC Vape Cartridge, According to actor and comedian Seth Rogen, the Pineapple Express cultivar didn’t exist until after the 2008 movie of the same name brought the name into the spotlight. Inspired by the film, growers took it upon themselves to create a potent cultivar that the film described as “the dopest dope.”

G13 Labs claims it originated the strain in the mid-2000s, selecting Trainwreck and Hawaiian as parent genetics, and the hybrid soon proliferated among California medical marijuana dispensaries. However, many growers and 11 seed banks each aimed to create the “true” Pineapple Express. As such, multiple variations exist in the current marketplace.

Pacific Gold Disposable Disposables Pineapple Express Live Resin

Also, Pinneapple Pacific Gold Disposable. A glass of cold Pineapple Punch in the warm afternoon of a Hawaiian beach sounds soothing. If only the strain featured here can deliver that effect. To a certain extent, it does. But this baby here can do so much more. In essence, this is a very potent strain that promises to take users’ minds elsewhere in ecstasy.

On the surface, it appears to be gentle. In fact, it comes with such a soothing scent that lulls people into false sense of security. Indeed, when looking at tests, at best, it only reached 15%. Because there are so many strains out there today that come with 20% or more, 15% may not seem much. But the fact is that it is still considered to be very potent.

Buy Pacific Gold Disposable Extracts Pineapple Express strain Effects

After a few tokes, it takes only a moment before it starts to surge in with an intense ferocity. The energizing mental buzz wipes away any signs of stress. Also, the same surge of energy gives users the strength to do more tasks, vigorously. As one user describes the experience, it feels as if there is a need to do something, anything.

EFFECTS Energetic – 10
Uplifted – 6
Creative – 6
Aroused – 5
Happy – 5
FRAGRANCE Sweet, earthy, woody, citrus, pineapple
FLAVORS Sweet, tropical, fruity, citrus, orange, pineapple
MEDICAL Depression – 10
Stress – 10
Fatigue – 9
Lack of appetite – 6
Insomnia – 5


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