Plum Crazy (Hybrid) | Rythm Cannabis Premium Flower 1/8oz


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Plum Crazy Rythm Cannabis Bud | Premium Hybrid Flower 1/8oz

The highly sought-after and visually striking strain, Plum Crazy Rythm Cannabis, has captured the attention of cannabis enthusiasts due to its unique characteristics. Bred by Green Life Productions in Nevada, this indica-dominant hybrid boasts beautiful buds with hues of purple scattered throughout, resembling small plums nestled among the leaves and flowers. The sweet aroma of this strain is often compared to that of plums, accompanied by fruity and earthy undertones. Upon exhaling, a refreshing soil aftertaste is revealed.
Lab tests indicate that Plum Crazy contains an average THC level in the high teens, making it a potent choice for those seeking a heavy-hitting strain. Additionally, the terpenes myrcene, limonene, and pinene are abundant in this hybrid.

Plum Crazy Rythm Cannabis

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Plum Crazy is believed to be a cross of Original Blueberry and Purple Afghani. Hence, resulting in a rare and unique genetic lineage. The forest green buds are highlighted with darker blues and purples. Thus, with larger than average leaves that are held together by a thick frosting of white trichomes. Burnt orange pistils are scattered throughout the rounded buds. Therefore, making this strain an eye-catching and attractive option for cannabis enthusiasts.
Those who have tried Plum Crazy have described its sedative effects. Making users feel lethargic and glued to whatever surface they decide to relax on. This strain has become popular for those seeking a strain that relieves pain and induces relaxation. Which is especially helpful for those with chronic pain or anxiety.

Plum Crazy Weed Strain Appearance Effects

The effects of Plum Crazy vary depending on the individual and amount consumed, with some experiencing a couch-lock sensation, while others feel stimulated to engage in creative endeavors such as video games or hobbies. The pain and aches that many individuals experience can be replaced with a pleasant body buzz, which is a common effect reported by users.
In summary, Plum Crazy is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that boasts beautiful buds with hues of purple and a sweet aroma resembling plums. With its sedative effects and pleasant body buzz, it is an excellent option for those seeking pain relief and relaxation. Its unique genetic lineage and high THC content make it a sought-after strain for cannabis enthusiasts. Here’s what pairs perfectly with this strain French King Rythm Cannabis and Sweet Pink Rove Cartridge.

Plum Crazy Rythm Cannabis


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