Pomelo (Indica) | Berner Cookies 3.5G Premium Flower

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Berner’s Cookies Brand

Flavour: Pomelo Berner cookies

Weight: 3.5 Grams

Strain Type: Indica

Pomelo Berner Cookies Bud Flavor 3.5G

Pomelo Berner Cookies Strain, is a unique and delectable strain of Girl Scout Cookies that boasts a distinctive earthy, orange citrus flavor and a potent, mind-bending high. It is a perfect choice for those seeking a happy, uplifting head high and are drawn to fruit-flavored herbal blends that complement an active and sociable lifestyle.

Unlike many strains that tend to induce couch-lock, Pomelo Cookies offers a refreshing and invigorating energy that pairs well with its citrusy notes, known to boost one’s vitality and vigor.

The terpenes Linalool and Limonene are the dominant components responsible for Pomelo Cookies’ distinct fruit flavors, which are reminiscent of apricots and are both herbal and citrusy. The light minty-green buds of this strain are covered in white crystal trichomes, giving it the appearance of a snow blanket.
The fuzzy orange hairs provide an interesting contrast, piercing through the blanket of crystals. Cookies has designed this strain to enhance the mind-body connection, promoting coordination and physical enthusiasm.

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With its intriguing blend of cinnamon, grapefruit, orange, herbs, and rose, the aroma of Pomelo Cookies is truly captivating. When it comes to flavor, this strain is a veritable rainbow of complexity, starting with earthy undertones that give way to zesty citrus notes, followed by sweet floral tones and a hint of fresh soil.

The energizing, uplifting energy in this strain encourages one to stay active and sociable, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a boost in vitality and a fun time. Also, we have Banana Cream Pie Berner Cookies and Apple Fritter Sauce Disposable.

Pomelo Cookies users often enjoy a variety of activities, such as exploring nature, theme parks, and casinos, fishing, hitting the town, exercising, and other physical-yet-relaxing endeavors.

Berner Cookies Pomelo Cannabis Weed Effects

Ideal for smoking in the afternoon or evening, Pomelo Cookies is recommended for those with a moderate THC tolerance. With THC levels hovering in the mid-20s, this strain delivers a burst of energizing effects that can have a calming effect, though individuals with a low tolerance may experience some dizziness.

Most users find this strain to be ideal for alleviating mood swings, reducing muscle tension, managing chronic pain, and even curbing inflammation thanks to the presence of beta-caryophyllene.

Cookies strain boasts a rich dose of euphoria, making it the perfect companion for a carefree night out in the open or the bustling city. Ideal for socializing, playing games, or engaging in physical relaxation, this strain is not quite suitable for yoga but can set you in the right mood for a fun-filled day at Disney.

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