Presidential OG | Dank Vapes Distillate Cartridge 1G (0.035 Oz)


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Presidential OG Dank Vapes Cartridge | 1G Premium Cannabis Distillate 

Presidential OG Dank Vapes Cartridge is a a delectable mix of Bubble Gum and OG Kush strains. Hence, Presidential OG is a predominantly indica hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) that’s popular for its heavy and all-encompassing high. For experienced patients and avid fans of indica, this strain is an ideal choice. Its effects gradually seep into the mind and body, producing a tingling wave of relaxation and joy. The high elevates you while still leaving you feeling calm. With a gentle sense of weightiness that induces a state of peacefulness and tranquility. But be warned, this combination of strains can quickly become very sedative, and you may soon find yourself nodding off before you know it, and fast asleep before you even realize it.

With a scent and taste resembling pine and orange, Presidential OG, a well-known indica cannabis strain, delivers an earthy experience. Its buds, once ready for harvest, contain THC levels that often exceed 20%. As such, it is best to verify potency before consuming. Presidential OG’s effects on the mind and body are known to promote relaxation, although it can also enhance mood as sedation sets in. Due to its sedative properties, it is best enjoyed at night.

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Hailing from Los Angeles, breeders at Royal Queen Seeds developed Presidential OG by crossing a female Bubble Gum strain with OG Kush pollen. Boasting sweet flavors that won the Cannabis Cup and OG Kush’s famous sedating effects, this strain is a hit on dispensary shelves in California. Take a detour and check out these alternatives Sunset Sherbert Dank Vapes Cart and White Truffle High90s Strain.
Indoor cultivation of Presidential OG is effortless, regardless of skill level, by replicating a dry climate. This plant’s broad fan leaves are characteristic of its indica nature, and it can yield moderately within eight to nine weeks if nurtured with care.
Presidential OG Dank Vapes

Dank Vapes Cart Presidential OG Strain Effects

Upon ingestion of Presidential OG, indica high sets in quickly, leading to relaxation waves that spread outward from the core and down through the limbs. As smokers breathe more easily, their eyelids begin to feel heavy. The strain elevates the smoker’s general sense of well-being, making it a great asset in social settings. With increased dosage, couchlock may set in, hindering productivity and keeping users in one place. As a thoroughly sleepy strain, Presidential OG is perfect for use at night to unwind after a long day.
Apart from recreational use, Presidential OG has several medicinal applications. It is effective as an analgesic for aches and pains and can help calm a racing mind while temporarily reducing stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms. Insomniacs also benefit from its sleep-inducing effects. The strain is an excellent choice for patients who are prone to panic due to its lower risk of inducing paranoia.


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