Purple Urkle Strain


Flavor: Earthy, lemon, sweet
Effects: Relaxation, uplifting, euphoria, energy boost
Activities: Recreation, socializing, moderate work or physical activity
Medical Conditions: Stress, fatigue, depression, mood swings

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Buy Purple Urkle. How do we know Purple Urkle is a fan favorite strain? It won 1st prize at the Cannabis Cup two years running, followed by a 1st prize at the IC420 Growers Cup. The complex genetics include contributions from Super Silver Haze, Haze, Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5, and Lemon Skunk cultivars. Intense! Nuggets are light green and densely structured with abundant hairs. Citrus and earthiness combine in the aroma and the lemony-sweet goodness really comes forward in the taste of the smoke.

Average THC level is 20-25%, for a strong and uplifting Sativa-led effect that is energetic and lively, with a very mild physical component. Head space is euphoric, chatty, and highly connected, without a psychedelic effect. This strain is well suited to daytime use and very good for managing symptoms of stress, fatigue, depression, and mood swings.

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