Raw Garden Disposable – Gorilla Purps – 1G Refined Live Resin


Strain Type   INDICA
THC   89%
Quantity    1 Gram


Gorilla Purps Refined Live Resin™ Ready-to-Use


Gorilla Purps Raw Garden Disposable Carts Refined 1G

Gorilla Purps Raw Garden Disposable THC, is a vibrant hybrid indica that is especially popular all over the West Coast, with the Bay Area serving as a solid fan base for this mysterious strain. This hybrid is said to have originated on the Californian coast, and has since taken the industry by storm due to its high-yielding and medicinal personality.

Purple Gorilla is a well-balanced hybrid strain, that leans slightly on its indica effects, making it an ideal smoke to mellow out to. This fragrant bud comes from mysterious backgrounds, with its exact origin being heavily debated and discussed, adding to its mythical appeal.

Buy Raw Garden Disposables Gorilla Purps Live Resin Ready to Use

More so, Raw Garden Disposable – Dream Walker – 1G Refined Live Resin. This strain is said to be a descendent of Mendocino Purps, while some report that its only confirmed parent is Purple Rain Forest. Regardless of its exact genetics, Purple Gorilla is most certainly one of the most enjoyable and useful hybrid strains to unwind to, whether it be for medical or recreational purposes.

Purple Gorilla is a slightly indica dominant strain that is known and loved for its very relaxing effects. It was given its name due to its purplish buds that induce a strong body high, along with a clearheaded yet cerebral head high, making you feel relaxed and relieved of stresses from head to toe.

Raw Gardens Bars Vape Gorilla Purps strain Cartridge Effects

This strain is very much a happy-go-lucky variant, and can produce a long lasting feeling of happiness even in the most resistant people. Purple Gorilla will make you feel positive and fulfilled, and have you buzzing in a dreamlike state with only inspired and joyous thoughts in mind.

ORIGIN Unknown
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 5
Euphoric – 5
Sleepy – 4
Uplifted – 4
FRAGRANCE Earthy, fruity, pungent, spicy, berry
FLAVORS Sweet, grape, earthy, berry, fruity
Dry eyes – 8
Dizzy – 7
Headache – 7
Anxious – 7
MEDICAL Pain – 10
Stress – 6
Nausea – 5
Insomnia – 5
Muscle spasms – 5


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