Raw Garden Disposable – Key Lime – 1G Refined Live Resin


Strain Type   SATIVA
THC   89.46%
Quantity    1 Gram


Key Lime Refined Live Resin™ Ready-to-Use


Key Lime Raw Garden Disposable Carts Refined 1G

Key Lime Raw Garden Disposable THC, is a highly-acclaimed strain notable for its euphoric mental effects and deep body relaxation. It has also produced several phenotypes, of which some have went on to become as famous and widely accepted. Besides Key Lime Pie, the others include Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies.

Key Lime Pie is a very potent strain. As such, users should never underestimate it. Most especially, beginners in using marijuana should start off with only a tiny amount before gradually adding a tad bit more in future sessions.

Buy Raw Garden Disposables Key Lime Live Resin Ready to Use

More so, Raw Garden Disposable – Island Dream – 1G Refined Live Resin. Because of the recent hike in the popularity of Cannabis, breeders have made it a point to create their versions of classic or famous marijuana strains. However, not all strains were a result of crossbreeding. For instance, Key Lime Pie from Burning Bush Nurseries is a unique phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).

Key Lime Pie is a rapid-acting strain, and its effects are often felt immediately after inhalation. It starts off with a euphoric high the invades the mind and the body. Usually, it results in mental clarity and sharper focus. It inspires creative thoughts and motivates users to stay productive. All this time, a mild tingling sensation continues to ebb through the body.

Raw Gardens Bars Vape Key Lime strain Cartridge Effects

Later, most users tend to feel drowsy. Hence, the best time to use Key Lime Pie is in late in the afternoon. While initially, it allows people to be productive, the tail end of its effects is conducive to sleeping. For medical patients needing rest, and insomniacs, this strain might help in getting the elusive quality sleep.

ORIGIN Girl Scout Cookies
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 9
Uplifted – 7
Euphoric – 6
Sleepy – 4
Dry eyes – 8
Paranoid – 1
Headache – 1
Anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE Sweet, lime, earthy
FLAVORS Lime, citrus, sweet, earthy
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Pain – 7
Depression – 6
Insomnia – 5
Headaches – 3


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