Raw Garden Disposable – Peach Blossom – 1G Refined Live Resin


Strain Type   INDICA
THC   85%
Quantity    1 Gram


Peach Blossom Refined Live Resin™ Ready-to-Use


Peach Blossom Raw Garden Disposable Carts Refined 1G

Peach Blossom Raw Garden Disposable THC, is completely dusted with white trichomes that make it seem as though fresh snow had fallen on it. A deep, forest green lies beneath the blanket of frost, alluding to its potency. Smelling refreshing like pine sap spread all over a garnish of citrus, its scent alone is enough to take on a trip to the alps.

Grabbing the attention of almost every user that smokes it, however, is the well-balanced high induced by its perfectly split Sativa/Indica genetics. It lifts the mind up to the sky while gently cradling it back to the ground as the effects wane. Moreover, it is completely buildable as its THC levels go between 16% and 21% depending on the dosage or batch.

Buy Raw Garden Disposables Peach Blossom Live Resin Ready to Use

More so, Raw Garden Disposable – Pacific Passion – 1G Refined Live Resin. As the initial mental high persists, a tingly sensation erupts from the temples. It creeps its way throughout the body until, not long after, a soothing wave releases tension until users are enveloped in a sea of relaxation. In all likelihood, users will head on to kick back and recline.

For some, the freedom from mental and physical inhibition can be a totally arousing experience. A great bedtime companion, Mt. Rainier can turn a night with a loved one into a few hours of passion. Although, if one were to smoke the strain beyond individual tolerance, it can quickly ruin plans. As such, it is important to use the bud within limits to enjoy the full depth of its effects.

Raw Gardens Bars Vape Peach Blossom strain Cartridge Effects

Paranoia is by far the worst side effect that Mt. Rainier induces. It happens to a handful of consumers who smoke the bud beyond tolerance as well as those prone to the unsettling feeling brought about by heightened sensations. Pacing consumption, however, will keep such effects at bay.

FRAGRANCE Zesty citrus, woody pine and diesel
FLAVORS Cheese, plum, and mint
Mood swings


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