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Flavor: Rollins Berner Cookies

Strain Type:

Rollins cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant strain that was created by Swamp Boys Seeds. … Rollins cannabis strain has 24-28% THC rate which makes it rather strong.


Rollins Berner Cookies Weed Strain Taste 3.5G

Rollins Berner Cookies, a delicious joint. The experience of collapsing into your preferred spot and sinking into your chair as your troubles dissolve away is truly gratifying. However, life often demands us to be productive and complete tasks, which is where strains such as the Rollins strain become a game-changer. Initially cultivated by Swamp Boy Seeds in Florida, this uncommon hybrid sativa dominant strain, comprised of Lemon Tree S1 and Nigerian strains, has a 90% sativa to 10% indica ratio.

The reported effects of Rollins include energy and an uplifted mood, while the flavor profile features a blend of zesty citrus and a hint of spice. The lineage of this strain can be traced back to its parent plants, Lemon Tree S1 and Nigerian. Terpinolene and Myrcene are the dominant terpenes present in Rollins.

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With its sativa-dominant genetics, the Rollins strain delivers an energetic and inspiring high that won’t leave you feeling lethargic or sluggish. This strain has the power to uplift your spirits, awaken your creativity, and make every moment feel delightful. Despite its gentle nature, Rollins is a heavyweight champion, boasting a whopping 28% THC content. However, this strain is a great option for both seasoned cannabis users and newcomers with a low THC tolerance, making it an ideal choice for holistic purposes.

Whether it’s the mouth-watering flavor or the euphoric effects, Rollins offers everything you’d expect from a premium sativa. No wonder it’s gaining popularity with every passing day. Also, we have Gelatti (HYBRID) – Berner Cookies Weed 3.5G and Baklava Alien Labs Disposables.

Berner Cookies Rollins Cannabis Weed Aroma Effects

The Rollins marijuana strain initiates an invigorating and elevating buzz, imbuing a feeling of euphoria and potentially even fostering ingenuity. This variety of cannabis is most suitable for indulging in a morning smoke session, particularly for those who partake in “wake-n-bake,” before engaging in an artistic endeavor or socializing with companions. Nevertheless, the high of Rollins eventually subsides into a soothing, tranquil atmosphere, offering a gentle descent back to reality.

Rollins weed strain attributes:
ORIGIN Lemon Tree S1 and Nigerian strains
FRAGRANCE Earth, lemon, spice
FLAVORS Lemon, spice, garlic, bubblegum, diesel, wood
ADVERSE REACTIONS Cotton-mouth, dry-eyes, giggles, munchies
INDICA / SATIVA % 10%/90%
OUTDOOR YIELD 10-15 Oz/Plant

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