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FRAGRANCE sweet, fruity
FLAVORS sweet, fruity, sugary, berry

Weight : 3.5 Grams 


Runtz OG Weed Strain Synergy | 3.5 Grams Synergy Runtz Cannabis

Runtz OG Weed boasts an exceptional taste that is as unique as it is rare. The sweet candy-like flavor from which it derives its name is matched by a potent THC level that can range anywhere from 18% to an impressive 29%. As a hybrid strain, Runtz OG offers the best of both worlds with a head high that induces euphoria and a body buzz that relaxes you to the bone.

Not only is Runtz OG a favorite among recreational users, but medical users also appreciate its benefits. The body buzz offers much-needed relief from the pain and stress of daily life. Chronic stress and anxiety fade away, granting a temporary respite from worries. The effects of the strain can last for hours, gradually tapering off into a dreamy, restful sleep. Also, Runtz Vlone Weed Strain and Blueberry cruffin Backpack boyz.

Runtz Weed OG strain Effects

The effects of the Runtz strain take effect almost instantly. Even as the candy-like taste dissipates, a powerful and blissful head high begins to manifest. Shortly after inhaling for the first time, users commonly experience feelings of euphoria and uncontrollable giggles. It provides a boost of creativity but might not be enough to motivate you to venture outside.

This cerebral high can last for several hours, so it’s wise to have engaging activities or movies ready in advance. The body high sets in approximately fifteen minutes after the initial head high. Typically starting from the back of the head, it gradually spreads through the spine and then extends to the limbs, resulting in a tingling sensation in the fingertips. Finally, Don’t hesitate to browse through other Runtz Synergy Strains.



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