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Sherbacio AlienLabs Disposable is the perfect representation of that classic “umami” flavor profile of Gelato and Sunset Sherbert


Sherbacio Alien labs Disposable Vape 1G Pen

Sherbacio Alien Labs Disposable, is a delectable and evenly balanced hybrid strain with a genetic makeup that results from crossing Sunset Sherbet X Gelato 41. With a flavor that’s as exquisite as its high is long-lasting, Sherbacio is an ideal strain for any hybrid connoisseur who values both taste and potency.

This strain is heavily influenced by its parent strains, with an equal balance of indica and sativa that perfectly showcases the best of both worlds. Its dynamic terpene profile adds to its unique scent and therapeutic effects, while its high THC content makes it a crowd favorite for those who desire a well-rounded cannabis strain that hits all the right notes, from taste to effect.

Buy Alien Labs Sherbacio Disposable Vape Strain Flavor Review

The fragrance exhibits a blend of nutty earthiness, complimented by a sweet chocolate undertone and a tangy citrus touch. The impact of Sherbacio high isn’t as potent as its taste; instead, it instills a soothing and tranquilizing influence, perfect for leisurely afternoons or evenings.

A sense of attentiveness and elation takes over, as a euphoric buzz lifts you up and puts you in a cheerful mood. In case you like this strain make sure you also checkout Stardust Cake disposable and Cake Gen 3 Disposable Pen.

Sherbacio Alien Labs Disposable Strain Aroma Effects

The Sherbacio Alien Labs Vape boasts the ultimate blend of a 50/50 hybrid. From the alluring scent that greets you upon opening the jar to the heavenly taste of choco-nut when smoked, this vape has everything you need to be convinced. However, if you’re not already sold, its euphoric effects will certainly sway you.

As you exhale, a wave of calm and focus envelops you, accompanied by an elevated sense of joy and euphoria. You’ll be entranced by its effects, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for its remarkable properties.

Sherbacio weed strain attributes:
ORIGIN Sunset Sherbet, Gelato 41
EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Earth, fruit, spicy citrus, black pepper
FLAVORS Mint, sweet, chocolate, citrus, earth
ADVERSE REACTIONS Insatiable munchies, red-eye
THC CONTENT % 21%-24%
INDICA / SATIVA % 50%/50%


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