Shrooms Bros DMT Vape Battery & Cartridge


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  • Battery & Cartridge Kit
  • 500MG DMT Cartridge

Available Strains

  • Raw 

  • Blueberry

  • Passion Fruit

  • Orange creamsicle


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Firstly, Shroom Bros DMT Vape Cartridge is thrilled to unveil our exclusive DMT vape pen, designed specifically for seasoned psychonauts. Our DMT vaporizer is now available for purchase in Canada, featuring a straightforward blend of 99.9% DMT extract, PG, and natural terpenes in every vape cartridge. Our 510-thread cartridges are compatible with the majority of batteries, each containing 500mg of DMT extract.


After consuming DMT, the effects are typically noticeable within the first 30 seconds. They usually reach their peak within 1 to 15 minutes and can last up to half an hour. The impact of DMT can be intense, leading to a loss of physical coordination and control.
Users often encounter vivid colors, dynamic environments, and repeating patterns, and at higher doses, may experience “environmental orbism.” Overall, the encounter is often depicted as a “perspective shift,” characterized by a range of physical, emotional, and conceptual effects.

Important to hold your vape hit/inhale after you vape for at least 10-15 sec for maximum effect before breathing it out.

Shroom Bros DMT Vape Cartridge Appearance

Shroom Bros DMT Vape Cartridge
ShroomBros NN DMT Cartridge

How to use the NN DMT Vape:

Step 1: Take off the blue end tip and bottom cap off the vape cartridge

Step 2. Screw the vape cartridge onto your battery

Step 3. Turn on the vape battery (click it 5 times rapidly to turn it on)

Step 4. By default, the vape battery will already be set to medium heat. (This is our recommended setting.)

(If you wish to change temperature vaping click the button rapidly 3 times and the colour will shift to indicate the new temperate on the battery. An LED will indicate what the temperature setting is.)

Step 5: Hold down the button for 2 seconds then begin to inhale the vape and hold your hit for 5 to 10 seconds. repeated based on the trip you are seeking.

Especially if it’s your first time using DMT, we recommend you start with a smaller hit to get used to the feeling before trying to go deeper. Customers also considered these products 5-MeO DMT Lucid Supply vape and Turn disposables.

The Shroombros DMT Vape Battery Appearance

shroom bros vape battery
shroom bros vape battery


DMT Vape Pen Microdose Instructions

1-2 Light Pulls: Results in light and mild head high, but you’re still in full control.

Beginner Trip
2-3 Strong Pulls: You will experience light hallucinogenic effects.

Spiritual Trip
5+ Strong Pulls: You are going to blast off and have a full hallucinogenic high.


Our Hardware:

  • Industry leading cartridges that contain 0.6ml of liquid.
  • Completely glass cartridge stem, ensuring metals aren’t seeping into your liquid like standard 510 DMT Cartridges.

Battery & Cartridge Kit, Raw 500MG DMT Cartridge, Blueberry 500MG DMT Cartridge, Passion Fruit 500MG DMT Cartridge, Orange creamsicle 500MG DMT Cartridge


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