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Smoking Mirror Rythm Cannabis Review | Premium Hybrid Flower 1/8oz

Strayfox Gardenz presents the premium hybrid flower strain Smoking Mirror Rythm Cannabis. For those seeking information about this cannabis variety, this page contains everything you need to know about Smoking Mirrors, including its basic info and lineage or genealogy. To delve deeper into the characteristics of this strain, simply follow the links provided. Additionally, we welcome you to share your personal experiences growing or consuming this variety by using the upload links on our website.
As a mostly indica strain, Smoking Mirrors can be grown indoors or outdoors, with a flowering time of approximately 60 days. It is a THC-dominant variety that is not available as feminized seeds. Smoking Mirrors offers an easy-to-grow experience, bag appeal, and a strong smoke, making it the perfect nightcap for cannabis enthusiasts.

Smoking Mirror Rythm Cannabis

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This rare bud is a product of the Chemdog family and features a combination of chem, fuel, and skunk that produces a cerebral lift before shifting into a deep body high that may induce sedation. Smoking Mirrors has a chem91 skva and Ronnie Barrett hybrid pheno, offering an amazing combination of intense healing chemdog magic.
This strain is composed of 50% skunkva pheno, a short stocky arrowhead skunk chem fuel. With medium to heavy flowers caked in frost. It also contains 40% Ronnie Barrett hybrid pheno with heavy skunky afghani hashplant buds. In addition, it boasts 10% deadly g leaner, which shines with colors and has small to medium frosty sticky terps. When looking for this strain, be sure to look for the purple stem trait in veg.

Smoking Mirror Weed Extracts Aroma Effects

Smoking Mirrors is great for deep meditation, sleep deprivation, nausea, anti-inflammatory, muscle spasms, late-night movies, and PTSD. This special selected genetic strain is a tribute to the Chem Family and Bodhi. Going for a specific effect? Checkout Critical Kush Rythm Cannabis and Tangy Tahoe Rove Cartridge.
It is important to note that all products are subject to availability, depending on the location and region. If you are interested in trying this strain. Please check the menus for current product offerings at the dispensary you are interested in. We look forward to providing you with the premium hybrid flower experience that Smoking Mirrors has to offer.

Smoking Mirror Rythm Cannabis


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