Snow Flake (Sativa) | Cake She hits Different Disposable 1G

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Plant type   SATIVA
THC   86.10%
CBD   0.80%

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Snow Flake Cake disposable is internationally renowned as a high-quality Sativa. It not only produces a lot of resin, but its buds also appear dusted in a blanket of snow. The thick coating of white trichomes that envelop this marijuana strain earned it the nickname ‘Snow Flake’. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most desired plants for making top-notch hash. It is known for its pungent scent and strong effects.

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Snow Flake Cake Disposable Vape Bar Flavor

Snow Flake is an extremely vigorous cannabis plant, its branches becoming laden with buds so weighty they are prone to drooping. She thrives in temperate climates and produces excellent results. Snow Flake Cake Cart has a captivating incense and fruity aroma, leading to a potent, long-lasting, cerebral high.

Eventually, This weed has a sugar-sweet scent. It is mild and not too prominent, but definitely sugary and fruity. The tart note helps round out the experience as well.
Dive in too quickly, and you may experience some degree of anxiety or paranoia. So, pace your dosage and do not take too much at once.

Cake Bar Snow Flakes Strain Effects

When you encounter snow flake, the tart, earthy aromas awaken your senses with a blend of citrus and pungent fragrances. Its creamy, lemon flavor creates a delectable sensation with spicy and herbal nuances. Upon exhaling, you’re left with a sweet-sour taste of lemon that lingers in the air.

The strain has a balanced THC profile, making it suitable for medical and recreational consumers alike. However, it does not contain high levels of CBD, meaning it may not be effective in treating intense disorders such as seizures. Cannabis strains with high levels of CBD offer anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-anxiety properties; generally, these strains possess CBD concentrations greater than 4 percent.


1 Single Bar, 1 Box (5 Stacks), 10 Boxes


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