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Snow Montana Cookies weed is a special cross between the original GSC and Florida Kush. It boasts tight bud structure that has been kissed with trichomes that give it an almost frosty white look. Its scent has been described as burnt rubber with a strong, pungent fuel-like undertone. Its taste is earthy, kushy and a touch of vanilla spice. Snow Montana is now available in our new soft-touch bags.

As you exhale, prepare for the Snow Montana high to envelop you, swiftly instilling a profound sense of tranquility. This effect eradicates any negativity, allowing for focused, positive thoughts. Following this mental clarity, a serene body high gradually eases through your limbs, providing a much-needed opportunity to unwind and destress. These combined effects are heightened by Snow Montana’s potent THC content, ranging from 22% to 26%, and a CBD level of 2% to 4%, synergistically addressing chronic stress, PTSD, insomnia, depression, and erratic behavior. Undoubtedly, Snow Montana stands as a potent remedy for the daily challenges many individuals face, offering a powerful solution to these common struggles.

Snow Montana Cookies strain

Berner’s Cookies Cannabis Snow Montana Effects

It is perfect for any time of the day, however, it is wise to keep track of the doses taken. This strain produces calming effects in large amounts, beneficial for those with trouble sleeping, however, this could detract from the experience if that was not the desired effect. Witness the evolution of our product line sour diesel big chief carts and Pomelo Cookies Weed Strain.

With Snow Montana, you’ll find a balance of motivation, focus, and energy to get you through the morning. If you’re prone to feeling down, this strain can make a significant difference in your day. You’ll get a boost of alertness without feeling overstimulated. All in all, it’s a perfect blend for a productive day.

At Cookies, we aim to achieve excellence, quality, and taste through cannabis. Our team is devoting to creating the highest quality and most diverse cannabis around, all in an effort to grow and achieve a better lifestyle. Through exclusive genetics, strict standards, and shared vision, we strive to bring this dream to life.


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