Snow Montana (INDICA) – Cookies Weed 3.5G


Strain Type INDICA
THC   48%
Quantity    3.5G


Snow Montana Berner Cookies Cannabis 3.5G

Snow Montana Cookies strain is a special cross between the original GSC and Florida Kush. It boasts tight bud structure that has been kissed with trichomes that give it an almost frosty white look. Its scent has been described as burnt rubber with a strong, pungent fuel-like undertone. Its taste is earthy, kushy and a touch of vanilla spice. Snow Montana is now available in our new soft-touch bags.

Snow Montana Cookies strain review

Initially released by Cookies Fam and Seed Junkie Genetics, The Dude was created by crossing Sweet Tea female with Space Queen male plants. Its impressive THC content of up to 16% is not to be overlooked.
It is perfect for any time of the day, however, it is wise to keep track of the doses taken. This strain produces calming effects in large amounts, beneficial for those with trouble sleeping, however, this could detract from the experience if that was not the desired effect. Also, Pomelo Cookies Weed 3.5G.

A few minutes after your last breath, the Snow Montana high will take effect, infusing your mind with a serene feeling that blocks out all troublesome thoughts, and fills you with concentration and cheerfulness. Then, a peaceful body high will seep into your body, providing a chance to relax before setting you in a tranquilized condition. Blended with its elevated 22-26% THC content and elevated 2-4% CBD level, these effects enable Snow Montana to assist in alleviating long-term stress, PTSD, sleeplessness, depression and erratic behavior.

Strain Effects

With Snow Montana, you’ll find a balance of motivation, focus, and energy to get you through the morning. If you’re prone to feeling down, this strain can make a significant difference in your day. You’ll get a boost of alertness without feeling overstimulated. All in all, it’s a perfect blend for a productive day.

At Cookies, we aim to achieve excellence, quality, and taste through cannabis. Our team is devoted to creating the highest quality and most diverse cannabis around, all in an effort to grow and achieve a better lifestyle. Through exclusive genetics, strict standards, and shared vision, we strive to bring this dream to life.


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