Sour Amnesia (Hybrid) | Loudpack Premieum 3.5G Cannabis Flower


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   44%
Quantity    3.5G

Loudpack Premium Cannabis Sour Amnesia Flower 3.5g High Grade Exotics

Sour Amnesia Loudpack Weed is a well-known strain that gained international recognition after winning 2nd place for Best Sativa at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012. Bred by HortiLab Seeds in Amsterdam, this hybrid is a cross between two outstanding strains – Sour Diesel and Amnesia. With its pungent aroma and delightful flavors, Sour Amnesia is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

This strain’s potency can vary, but it typically ranges between 15% and 22% THC. The buds of Sour Amnesia are stunning, with a lime green base, pink and purple hues, and a thin layer of white trichomes. The scent is unmistakable, with a blend of sour earth, citrus, and diesel filling the room. The taste is equally pleasing, featuring sour notes, earthy undertones, and a touch of floral sweetness.
Beyond the sensory experience, Sour Amnesia delivers a potent cerebral high that brings euphoria, focus, and creativity. It is an excellent strain for daytime use, especially for busy workdays when productivity is key. While it can make users more sociable, those who need to stay focused should be mindful of not getting distracted by their chattiness.

Sour Amnesia Loudpack Weed Strain Premium Flavor Bud Packs Review

Check these out too SFV OG Loudpack Weed and Jack Herer Kurvana Disposable. Once the intense sensory experience of Sour Amnesia subsides, users will enjoy a euphoric cerebral lift, boosting focus and creativity to peak levels. The level of happiness is bound to carry over into every activity of the day, making it a popular choice for busy workdays. However, this strain can also have the effect of making users very sociable, so if focus is paramount, it’s wise to keep a check on your level of chatter.

Sour Amnesia has a wide range of applications when it comes to treating various medical conditions. For people struggling with depression, anxiety, and pain, Sour Amnesia can help alleviate the symptoms and improve the ability to function. The strain is incredibly resilient and resistant to pests and diseases, making it an excellent choice for home growers. If you provide the right growing conditions, your yield will be substantial, with an 8 to 9 week growing period.
While Sour Amnesia is renowned for its potential to make users a little forgetful, it’s an incredible strain for enhancing mood and productivity. For a social boost, we recommend giving this strain a try on the weekends or to power through a long-overdue household project. Overall, Sour Amnesia is a must-have for cannabis connoisseurs and a great option for those seeking a high-quality sativa experience.


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