Sour Apple Blues | Raw Garden Ready-To-Use Refined 1G Live Resin


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   88%
Quantity    1 Gram


Sour Apple Blues Refined Live Resin™ Ready-to-Use

Raw Garden Disposable Refined Sour Apple Blue 1G Vape Bars Effects

Sour Apple Blue Raw Garden is a strain that lives up to its name with a tart and pungent taste resembling a blast of sour fruit. Its aroma is almost rot-like, but the skunky-sweet flavor remains consistent in different gardens. Its genetics trace back to two highly favored strains, Cinderella 99 and Sour Diesel, and its popularity has been established through its energizing and mood-relieving properties. With a moderate level of THC, Sour Apple offers a range of psychoactive compounds that promote creativity and social behavior, making it perfect for individuals who wish to enjoy social situations while remaining productive.

Its fluffy buds are an array of shades of green and light in texture with a glossy layer of trichomes. Its flowering period lasts for 9-11 weeks, and it yields around 700g per plant outdoors, making it a promising choice for growers.
The typical effects of Sour Apple include relaxation, social behavior, and creativity. Its therapeutic usage can relieve stress, ADHD symptoms, depression, and mood swings. Additionally, it can treat physical ailments like chronic pain and loss of appetite.

Sour Apple Blue Raw Garden Vape Disposable Cartridge Review

Sour Apple requires frequent trimming to control its growth, and its Sea of Green growing method can be employed to achieve optimal results. It can grow up to 1.5m indoors and 4m outdoors, requiring ample space for cultivation. Check these out too Tropical Storm Raw Garden and Lemon Haze Kurvana Disposable.
Sour Apple has a distinct flavor profile, with a mix of tart apple, caramel, and fuel-like flavors. Its aroma comprises of a blend of sour citrus and apple peel, with an almost rotting skunkiness that is not as pronounced. The strain’s low THC level is supplemented by a significant amount of CBD and CBN, making it useful for treating insomnia, injuries, and symptoms of sleep apnea.
In conclusion, Sour Apple is a well-balanced strain that offers an ideal mix of physical and therapeutic benefits. Its flavor profile and energizing properties make it a sought-after strain for recreational use, while its therapeutic potential makes it a suitable choice for medical patients.


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