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Sour Diesel Rythm Cannabis Review | 3.5g Premium Sativa Dominant Flower


Indulging in a dose of Sour Diesel Rythm Cannabis will provide an exhilarating blast. That hits you like a Chemdawg and a Sativa that remains unidentified to this day. The true breeder behind this masterpiece remains a mystery. But most individuals refer to them as “A.J.” or “Asshole Joe”. This sativa-dominant flower boasts an impressive 26% THC, and surprisingly retains 2% CBD and 4% CBN during extraction, which is unheard of. These additional chemical compounds do not alter the core effects of Sour Diesel, but rather offer a unique and varied intensity that cannot be precisely calculated or controlled.
However, it’s not recommended for novice growers, as it’s known to grow very tall and lanky. It should only be grown by people with experience in proper pruning and topping techniques. Sour Diesel flowers in 9-11 weeks and is best grown outdoors due to how much this plant can stretch. It’s preferred if it has enough space to grow, and one should be extra cautious as this strain can be susceptible to powdery mildew. Keeping the humidity levels below 60% is a safe bet for Sour Diesel.
In conclusion, indulging in Sour Diesel is an experience worth trying for any sativa enthusiast. Its invigorating effects and unique blend of chemical compounds make it a must-try strain. So go ahead, take a hit, and let the citrusy, skunky aroma envelop you in its embrace.

Sour Diesel Rythm Cannabis


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Sour Diesel’s lineage contains an air of mystery. Researchers speculate that it was created by accident from a mix of strains in the Chemdawg and OG Kush line. Chemdawg 91 is considered the likely parent, along with possible candidates like DNL and Massachusetts Super Skunk.
In terms of appearance, aroma, and flavor, Sour Diesel is highly popular among sativa enthusiasts. The plant itself is lanky, producing a plethora of foxtails surrounding its dense, light green buds. It releases pungent, citrusy odors into your indoor garden like little skunk-citrus flower bombs. The aroma continues to intensify as you smoke it, emanating a pungent cloud of skunky haze (like Diesel Gas after consuming an entire fruit orchard) that explodes from this bud in a dense, lemony fog. The odor is sour, pungent, and strong, while the taste is earthy, herbal, and gassy, with an unmistakable aftereffect of lemon on your tongue.

Effects of Sour Diesel Weed Strain


When it comes to the effects of Sour Diesel, it initiates a surge of cerebral energy, promoting creativity and a feeling of get-up-and-go. It’s an excellent wake-and-bake strain, particularly for remote workers who want some mental stimulation without worrying about their scent. The strain is invigorating and provides its primary medicinal benefits in terms of stimulation, combating anxiety and depression through sheer mental energy. The electrifying feelings would get anyone up and moving, and the 26% THC high doesn’t hurt either. Consumers report that it helps in fighting fatigue and gets the appetite moving again.
Sour Diesel is heavy, gassy, pungent, sour, skunky, and, above all, awesomely day-enhancing. For those mornings when you don’t know how to get started, this strain serves as a wake-up call of non-deadly lemon gas down in the trenches of your tiredness. It encourages you to get up and go! You might also like Afternoon Delight Rythm Cannabis and Cake Live Resin Carts.



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