Space Cake (Hybrid) | Loudpack Premieum 3.5G Cannabis Flower


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   50%
Quantity    3.5G

Loudpack Premium Cannabis Flower Flowers Leafly Buds 3.5g Space Cake

Space Cake Loudpack Weed a popular Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis, was first cultivated in the United States by Bodhi Seeds. The cannabis organization is known for their unwavering commitment to cultivating top-quality hybrids using organic conditions. This reputation extends to Space Cake, a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Snow Lotus, which is regarded as a delightful hybrid strain. Its effects have been described by users as an exhilarating journey that transports the mind to the outer reaches of space. With a THC concentration averaging 20%, it makes for a perfect choice for a relaxing evening smoke.

These gorgeous grape-shaped buds often possess a forest green hue with undertones of deep purple. They are typically complemented by burnt-orange hairs and coated in amber trichomes.
The aroma produced by these buds is multifaceted and demands a refined sense of smell to differentiate its complexities. Its fragrance is typically described as earthy, herbaceous, and spicy, with a strong dank undertone accentuated by sweet berries, nuts, and a pungent aroma reminiscent of sour fuel. In contrast, its flavor is relatively simple, featuring a mix of spicy nuts, sweet fruit, and herbaceous notes.

Space Cake Loudpack Weed Kush Packs Premium High Grade Flavor Review

Going for a specific effect? These are a match too Georgia Pie Loudpack Weed and GSC Dabwoods Disposable. Typical effects of Space Cake are broad, ranging from relaxation to increased energy, to sleepiness. It is frequently used to combat anxiety, a loss of appetite, and pain.

The high associated with Space Cake is nostalgic and brings to mind memories of days spent in good company, enjoying a few joints and basking in carefree moments. It begins with an uplifting sensation that elevates the mood to new heights and engenders a sense of being on cloud nine. This feeling evolves, alternating between deep relaxation and euphoric energy.
After a while, the mind settles into a state of near-sedation, which may be described as being stoned. Users may feel hazy and unfocused, yet too relaxed to be bothered by it. As time passes, the effects may lull even the most anxious of users into a deep sleep. Despite its long-lasting effects, users are unlikely to experience grogginess after it wears off, making Space Cake an ideal choice for a midday smoke.


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