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Fatso is a strain with some impressive lineage. A cross between the ultra-popular GMO cookies and legends OG this flower features a strong coffee / garlic aroma and a hefty coating of trichomecrystals. Considered 90 percent indica dominant, this flower packs a seriously psychoactive punch. Fatso offers consumers both a soaring cerebral high and deep body relaxing effects.


Space Monkey Meds Fatso strain review

Space monkey meds Fatso is an immensely potent strain that boasts some illustrious parentage. Combining the massively popular GMO Cookies and the notorious Legends OG, this indica-dominant flower gives off a powerful garlic and coffee aroma and is encased in a thick layer of glistening trichomes. Not for the faint of heart, it packs an immensely psychoactive punch that offers both a sky-high cerebral high and a profound sense of body relaxation.
The nugs of Fatso are hefty and dense, and don’t have any fat that detracts from the strength of the strain. Its wintry green colouring and heavy trichome coverage resemble that of a snow-laden pine tree, and is certainly a preferred choice of extractors.
Fatso gives off an almost petrol-like scent that immediately strikes the nose, which is interwoven with sharp, citrusy grapefruit rinds and a sweet bubble gum undertone. The flavour is intense and resin-laden, with pungent Diesel and hash notes which some users may find a little too harsh. Herbal and floral undertones offer some reprieve from the bitterness, yet do little to really liven up the taste. However, take a look at our collection of Space Monkey Meds Cannabis Flavors.
Effects-wise, Fatso is an extreme, with its sheer power sure to knock you out cold. Within minutes of consuming, your day will come to a screeching halt and it will be almost impossible to move from whatever position you’re in. The intense physical relaxation makes this strain excellent for medical users, providing intense relief from pain and spurring on the munchies. You might also like Space Monkey Meds Sour Tangie and Jungle boys Weed Packs.


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