Space Monkey Meds Glue Breath


A toke of Glue Breath by Space Monkey Meds will chill your vibe into the most relaxed of frequencies. The Glue Breath cultivar is a legendary powerhouse in SMM’s garden, descended from The Glue, Grateful Breath and Solomon in a high-potency combination. These frosty nugs exude herbal, dank aromas with a mildly sweet glaze on every exhale. A toke of this Hybrid floods mind and body with a level of euphoria that nearly reaches divinity.


Space Monkey Meds Glue Breath Strain review 4G Tin

Space monkey meds Glue Breath is an extraordinary, indica-leading hybrid (65% indica/35% sativa) cultivated from the trendy Gorilla Glue #4 and OG Kush Breath B3 hybrids. Boasting a delectable taste and an exceedingly extreme effect, this special bud displays an extravagant THC content level ranging from 24-29%.

This weed first produces an invigorating, cerebral stimulation, banishing away pessimism and filling its consumers with a blissful disposition. As the effect prolongs, an immense relaxing sensation commences, concluding with an extended period of restful sleep. Because of these tranquilizing effects, Glue Breath is regularly consumed to relieve several issues, for instance insomnia, migraine, persistent exhaustion, and gloominess.

This herb displays a pleasant, herbal essence coupled with an earthy fragrance accentuated by aromas of fruits and berries. Glue Breath buds materialize as dark green, spade-shaped nuggets, cloaked in purple leaves, vivid orange hairs, and encased in a crystallized cloak of amber trichomes. Have a look at Space Monkey Meds Fatso


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