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Strain : Do Si Dos


Do Si Dos Stiiizy Premium THC Pod .5G

Do Si Dos stiiizy pod With a THC content ranging from 14% to 30%, Do-Si-Dos is a hybrid strain that is created from a blend of OG Kush Breath, which is a phenotype of GSC, and Face Off OG from the Archive Seed Bank in Oregon.
The Seed Bank is currently in the process of developing an F2 line of Do-Si-Dos phenotypes which includes #9, #18, #22, as well as the yet-to-be-released #4 and #13.
These plants grow tall and produce moderate-sized yields within 70 days of flowering. However, the OGKB parent of the F2 line shows hermaphroditic tendencies in roughly 5% of the population, as reported by the seed bank.
Out of the three phenotypes that have been released, #9 is the most potent and dense, with high levels of resin and a strong aroma and flavor of cookies and kush. Meanwhile, #18 is characterized by its thick and prominent resin glands, as well as its strong OG Kush aroma. #22, on the other hand, is a purple and aromatic phenotype that has a grape-flavored taste, and is recommended for making ice hash.

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Stiiizy Do si dos THC Pod Review

STIIIZY’s botanically derived terpenes are extracted from a diverse range of natural flora, resulting in a balanced aroma and taste that consistently delivers an exceptional experience. These high-quality concentrates are exceptionally pure, establishing an industry standard and encouraging innovative methods to inspire and influence others.
The DO-SI-DOS/HYBRID strain is a sweet and earthy combination with pungent notes that create a relaxing and happy feeling. It is an indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, that offers a buzz that softens the body, much like the qualities of Girl Scout Cookies.


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