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Weight : 0.5 Gram

Strain : Strawberry Cough

· Taste: Sweet, Strawberry, Fruity
· Feeling: Creative, Energizing, Euphoric
· Description: A cross between Strawberry Field and Haze. Strawberry Cough brings a thoughtful and energetic high that is perfect for conversation, reading, or working.


Strawberry Cough Stiiizy Premium THC Pod

Strawberry Cough stiiizy pod begins with Kyle Kushman, a breeder and former High Times cultivation editor. According to Kushman, he received a clone-only strain of Haze and Strawberry Fields from a beginner grower in Connecticut.
The grower gave Kushman a small Strawberry Cough clone from his basement garden, which Kushman almost threw away until he detected the sweet aroma of fresh strawberries emanating from the plant.
Impressed by its fragrance, Kushman decided to keep the strain and shared it with growers in New York.
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Eventually, Strawberry Cough became the most sought-after strain amongst delivery services in the New York region.
Kushman continued to distribute Strawberry Cough cuttings across the United States when he relocated to California to grow cannabis legally. As a result, other cultivators developed their own versions of Strawberry Cough.
Kushman partnered with Tyler Wadleigh and Aaron Justis of Buds & Roses Collective in Los Angeles in 2009 and has since released Strawberry Cough through their storefront.

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