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Strawberry Smash Rythm Cannabis Review | Premium Hybrid Flower 1/8oz

For those who crave a saucy, heat-cured, sugary rosin, Mountain Select’s Strawberry Smash Rythm Cannabis is an excellent choice to try during your next cannabis purchase. The sweet scent of this product is present throughout, inviting you to experience its delicious flavors and effects. This fruity yet complex rosin boasts the aroma of Strawnana, its dominant parent, as well as the taste and effects of Bruce Banner. As a delightful cross between the two, Strawberry Smash is an excellent choice for relaxation, melting into a soft and cozy surface.
I decided to use a glass rig and quartz nail, heated to around 500°F to consume this Slush. I used water in the rig, as usual, and cleaned it beforehand. The rosin melted on the nail very quickly, and bubbles immediately started forming and bursting. The vapor from the dab was extremely smooth, leaving a clean yellow residue in my nail.
Upon taking a tic-tac sized dab of the Strawberry Smash, I was met with a semi-sweet sensation. Amidst the sweetness, a subtle note of soybean umami emerged, offering an unexpected savory undertone that balanced the overall taste. As the flavor journey continued, a refreshing hint of cucumber surprised my palate, and the experience finished with a sweet rubber flavor that lingered on my tongue after exhaling.

Strawberry Smash Rythm Cannabis

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Shortly after the dab, I felt spacey and introspective, which sparked creativity and imaginative ideas. The effects gradually enveloped my body, inducing a gentle wave of tranquility that led to a lazy evening of feeling sleepy and relaxed. The dab of Strawberry Smash also provoked some signature “starter pack” marijuana side effects, such as extreme cotton mouth, intense munchies, and some couch lock.
Although I decided to start writing after consuming the Strawberry Smash, watching a movie or reading a book seems like a great pairing for this strain. Enjoying this Slush in leisurely moments, particularly in the evening, is my favorite way to experience the Strawberry Smash Rythm Cannabis. Whether you’re in the mood for self-reflection, creative inspiration, or simply a cozy and relaxed state of being, this Slush provides an experience that allows you to fully embrace moments of calm and quiet.

Strawberry Smash Weed Extracts Aroma Effects

When purchasing the Strawberry Smash Rythm Cannabis, I received it in a beautiful blue and silver Mountain Select box. I noticed the jar had a freshness seal, something that’s rarely seen on rosin jars, which impressed me. I also kept the jar refrigerated until purchase from Horizon Dispensary. This Slush boasts a unique “rosin jam” texture that evolves as it reaches room temperature. Initially, it appeared as a stationary, semi-grainy mixture that reminded me of a warm-yellow, over-medium egg yolk. However, as it reached room temperature, it took on a melty and saucy consistency, so keeping the jar upright was essential.
After stirring the Slush, it transformed into an almost syrupy and sugary consistency that was satisfying to play with. It held its form well, creating a shimmering top layer that was completely smooth. The aroma was sweet and bright, with slight piney undertones. Although the sweetness did not smell like strawberries, it had hints of overripe banana. The unique aroma of a sugared fruit combined with an almost menthol freshness. As the scent deepened, I could detect a subtle twist of sweet pickles and dill that added an unusual dimension to the overall aroma. Do also checkout African Transke Magic Mushrooms and Buddies All-In-One Disposable.

Strawberry Smash Rythm Cannabis


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