Strawnana (HYBRID) | Litto Disposable 1G THC Vape Bar


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 Strain Type HYBRID
  THC   87.1%
  Quantity   1 Gram

Litto Disposable Strawnana Stick Bars 1G Bud Appearance Effects

Strawnana Litto Disposable is also referred to as “Strawberry Banana” by some cannabis dispensaries, is a 70/30 hybrid that leans towards Indica. It was bred by Reserva Privada of DNA Genetics in chilly Amsterdam, by crossing Strawberry Bubble Gum and Crockett’s Banana Kush. Those who appreciate Indica, energy, and remarkable flavor will definitely enjoy the Strawnana experience. Keep reading to find out why you should invite Strawnana fumes into your soul.

In 2018, Strawnana made headlines with a THC reading of over 32% from the labs at Emerald Cannabis Worx LLC. Although the general variety on the market usually sits closer to 22%, this variant proves that this strain has a lot to offer. The plant grows in large, flat buds shaped like hearts that are dark green in color, with big red hairs and thick crystals. It’s a low-maintenance strain, making it perfect for novice growers looking for generous yields for a mid-October flowering season.

Strawnana Litto Disposable Cannabis Strain Vape Bars Review

To maximize yield, it’s important to protect Strawnana plants from weather changes. Experienced growers can also expose the buds to cold temperatures during the growing period to get them to grow purple spots. To use the strain for concentrates and maximize resin production, hang Strawnana’s buds upside-down after harvesting.
When lit, Strawnana’s aroma fills your senses with the fruity and creamy scent, accompanied by spicy undertones of herbs and berries. There’s a hint of both strawberry and banana in the scent, but the strawberry scent is more prominent, while the banana flavor is more noticeable in the taste. If you’re a fan of this strain you’ll also like Strawberry Haze Litto Disposable and Jeeter Juice Carts.

When you first light up, you’ll be hit with an aromatic blend of fruit and cream, followed by a subtle hint of spicy herbs and berries. While Strawnana is named for its strawberry and banana flavors, the strawberry notes tend to be more pronounced in the scent, while the banana is more noticeable in the taste. Furthermore, Here’s where you’ll find all Litto disposable Bars flavors.

The strain’s effects are energizing, motivating, and stress-relieving, making it perfect for daytime use. Its sour citrus and tropical berry-banana flavor will undoubtedly put a smile on your face. Strawnana’s genetics provide a unique blend of couchlock and sedation, energy, and focus, making it ideal for treating depression, headaches, stress, and ADHD symptoms. Despite originating in Amsterdam, Strawnana has gained popularity along the US West Coast.


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