Sunset Gelato (HYBRID) | Big Chief THC Cartridge 1G


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   87.20%
Quantity    1 Gram



Big Chief Carts Sunset Gelato Premium Extracts 1G

Sunset Gelato Big Chief is a balanced hybrid, which tilts a tad bit in favor of Indica, that traces its parents to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Also, Everything that makes it HARD for you turns to gel as this is one strain that gives you a high that does not crash you physically.

Having a cannabis strain, Gelato, nicknamed after NBA legend Larry Bird is no disrespect to the hall-of-famer. Certainly, it does not suggest that the player turns to gel when the lights shine the brightest, and he cracks under the pressure.

Sunset Gelato Big Chief Cartridges Live Resin Strain Review

Still, on the subject of gel, Gelato hits hard and if you are not cautious, may turn your legs to gel. So, with up to 25% THC, novice and first-time users may want to consume a small amount in the beginning. In no time at all. Also, the effects of Gelato creeps in beginning with a sudden rush of head high, followed by physical relaxation.

Even experienced users with high tolerance have reported that as soon as the first inhalation, a head-high kicks in, which some describe as psychedelic. Also, Chief Carts Apple Jack and The Gen 3 Cake Disposable. Gelato does not have any serious adverse reactions, other than what is common in cannabis strains.

Gelato has a distinct taste with an aftertaste of berry and citrus. Its taste is also its greatest strength compared to other strains as this one has a more universally agreeable flavor. One thing to note is that it does have a pungent smell. Moreover, That means there might be people nearby who may smell it.

The origins of Sunset Gelato and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies have given rise to a strain that produces effects such as relaxation, happiness, euphoria, upliftment, and creativity. However, there may be adverse reactions such as dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiety, and headaches. The strain is characterized by a sweet, earthly, blueberry, and orange fragrance, and a taste that is sweet, woody, lavender, berry, and citrus.


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