Super Lemon Haze (Sativa) – Flav Disposable Pen 1G


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Strain Type   Sativa
THC   85.45%
Quantity    1 Gram

Super Lemon Haze Flav Disposable Vape 1G

Super Lemon Haze Flav Disposable pen is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, meaning this strain is all pedigree, and righteously toted as one of the best sativas available in today’s market. Super Lemon Haze has been named one of the best strains out there, even appealing to the indica lovers out there, and righteously converting them into appreciating the Sativa variety.

This sativa-dominant hybrid truly embodies its name, boasting of a sharp lemony whiff, that tastes much the way it smells. Super Lemon Haze’s onset is slow, but steady, creating a strong euphoric high that will make you want to jump out of your chair for joy. This strain is also a popular medical variety, with a long list of ailments that it can successfully help ease.

Disposable Super Lemon Haze Flav Live Resin Pen

This super-sativas effects are all energy. Super Lemon Haze does manage to relax you enough to induce all the happy vibes, however, its main trait is that it is a great daytime strain, due to its talents in making you want to do something productive, and often, creative. Also have a look at, Strawberry Mimosa Flav Disposable and Teds Budz Cannabis Strains.

The Super Lemon Haze Flav cartridge is an excellent companion for those seeking a positive and upbeat experience. If you’re facing a lengthy day and need to be productive, this sativa is a top choice. With just a single inhale of this delightful strain, you’ll feel a desire to embrace everyone in the vicinity, and a second will bring an elevated sensation.

Flav Bar Super Lemon Haze Vape strain Effects

This beautifully fragrant bud will remind you of all the citrus fruit you can think of. Super Lemon Haze smells lemony-sweet like lemon drops and candy, and has a very recognizably tangy presence that will hang in the air. A little earthiness and spice cuts through the sweet lemon tang and makes this strain an unbelievable experience. Finally, Find time to glance at all Flav Disposables Flavors List.

ORIGIN Lemon Skunk mixed with Super Silver Haze
EFFECTS Happy – 10
Uplifted – 10
Energetic – 9
Euphoric – 8
Creative – 7
FRAGRANCE Citrus, earthy, lemon, spicy, sweet
FLAVORS Lemon, citrus, sweet, candy, tangy
Dry eyes – 8
Paranoid – 3
Anxious – 3
Dizzy – 2
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Depression – 8
Fatigue – 5
Pain – 4
Headaches – 3


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